Sunday, December 24, 2006

Can a lawyer be an honest person?

Does a lawyer have to break the commandment "Thou shalt not bear false witness against they neighbor" in order to do his/her job?

Of course not.

Will anyone hire an honest lawyer? Or does everyone want the meanest, dirtiest lawyer they can find, to help them win at any cost?

Hmmmm. Of course, some people want honest lawyers. But I'll concede that they are probably in the minority.

Should lawyers sell their souls to make money? That's a matter of personal opinion.

I once heard that 80% of Americans believe that money is a sign of God's approval. Does that mean that they think that everyone who got rich must have pleased God? I don't know. I'm one of the 20% who think that plenty of people get rich by, or in spite of, violating the commandments of God and the laws of men.

Some people think that the killer instincts and illegal and dishonest tactics increasingly found in law school graduates in recent decades actually handicap these individuals.

Steven Keeva thinks that lawyers can find happiness in spite of, or because of, having a conscience. Here is a link to one of his articles,
"Profiting from Experience."

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Martin Eder said...

I like your thoughts that money is not a sign of God's blessing.

If fact most of the big money we see out there is a result of greed, averice and outright trickery and theft. Are we to beleive that the mafia is blessed? Are war profiteers God's chosen people? Are the poor to worst of God's creation - in which case they better not inheirit the Earth!